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The National WIC Association invites businesses and nonprofit organizations that share our mission, vision, and guiding principles for health equity to partner with us and/or to become a sponsor. WIC is the nation’s premier public health nutrition program and NWA recognizes that public and private partnerships have the potential to accomplish far more for WIC families when organizations work together. A partnership with NWA will increase your company or organization’s visibility, provide networking and engagement opportunities, and help you meet your company’s business and corporate responsibility goals.  

Please note: NWA no longer invites infant formula manufacturers to be members, exhibitors at conferences, advertisers, or sponsors of events and activities. Please see our Statement on Progress Towards the Gold Standard for more information on how NWA works on helping WIC to reach the Gold Standard and make WIC the nation’s Premier Go-To-Breastfeeding Program.

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Partnership Tiers

Business Council Partner

Dues—$25,000 or more annually

*review process required. To be rolled out fully in 2023.

Supporting Partner

Dues—$7,500 annually

*review process required. To be rolled out fully in 2023.

Associate Partner

Dues—$3,000 Annually

Small Business/Nonprofit Organization* Partner

Dues—$500 - $2,500 Annually

*Small Businesses and Nonprofits are welcome to join at any partner rate for additional benefits, including the Business Council.

State WIC Association Partner

Dues—$250 annually

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Questions? Please email our Director of Education and Member Engagement, Emily Gilcher, at