National WIC Association

November 13, 2023

Urgent Call for WIC Funding Amidst Rising Child Poverty and Food Insecurity

The following is a statement from Georgia Machell, Interim President & CEO of the National WIC Association, in response to the continuing resolution put forward by the U.S. House of Representatives

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “A budget should be about more than just keeping the lights on temporarily; it should be about creating and sustaining a better future for all Americans--especially children and families.

In a time when infant mortality, child poverty and food insecurity are all rising, ensuring that WIC has every dollar necessary to meet the health and nutritional needs of moms and young children should be a top priority. It is deeply unfortunate that Congress has thus far been unable to produce a budget that meets this basic principle. Nearly seven million women and children depend on WIC right now, and millions more across the country are eligible but lack access. Congress must provide the funding WIC needs to ensure that everyone who needs these crucial benefits can get them. This proposal fails to meet the need for additional WIC funding in FY 2024, leaving the program on uncertain ground.  Delaying this critical funding until January will only create confusion, put access to critical WIC services at risk, and undermine participants’ confidence in the program.

This is a time for bold strides, not half steps. Congress must summon the bipartisan cooperation that has sustained WIC for 50 years and finally do right by the families who need our help and deserve our support.”