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There is a huge opportunity to share WIC expertise and information with moms and other caregivers online - nutrition and breastfeeding tips, agency opening hours, and more. Moms are looking for this information, and WIC has it. Social media is one way to meet moms where they are and to make sure they’re getting the best information possible. But adding social media to your workload isn’t always simple. From departmental policies to staff training, there are a lot of obstacles keeping WIC from fully engaging online.

Today Testing (for derivative) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsNWA's Social Media Starter Toolkit is tailored to local WIC agencies to help them with the first steps in getting on social media and practices and measures to consider before jumping in. Download the toolkit at the links below:

Why WIC Needs to Use Social Media

Integrating Social Media Into Your Work

Facebook Quick-Start Guide

Twitter Quick-Start Guide


You've Set up Your Accounts. Now What?

Fitting It All In: Timesavers

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