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  • Culturally relevant nutrition education improves dietary quality among WIC-eligible Vietnamese immigrants

    May 1, 2002 - Bibliography
    The objective of the study was to provide culturally appropriate nutrition education to improve the diets of Vietnamese women. Bicultural, bilingual Vietnamese-American nutrition education assistants taught five  to seven lessons in the Vietnamese language, using nutrition education materials written in Vietnamese. Over time, the dietary nutrient density of calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and potassium significantly improved in the intervention group, compared with the control group.

  • A Diet Quality Index for Pregnancy detects variation in diet and differences by sociodemographic factors

    January 1, 2002 - Bibliography
    The authors examined dietary intake of pregnant women using the Diet Quality Index for Pregnancy (DQI-P), a new index developed to reflect current nutritional recommendations for pregnancy and national dietary guidelines. The highest overall DQI-P scores were identified in women who were older than 30, above 350% of the poverty level, nulliparous, and high school graduates. Additionally, higher-income, older, and better-educated women consumed higher amounts of vegetables. But, black, low-income, and nulliparous women consumed greater intakes of folate and iron.