National WIC Association

Volunteer Opportunities

The strength of an Association is dependent upon the active participation of its members. In the words of Aesop, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." NWA – your Association – needs your knowledge, energy, and time to serve in a leadership role on a committee or task force. So, raise your leadership voice and join a committee or task force today. Your community needs you.

Committee and Task Force Application
Committee and Task Force Appointment Process

Questions? Contact or 202-232-5492.

Standing Committees are ongoing and develop governance at the direction of the Board.

Volunteer Vacancies:

Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee periodically reviews the bylaws and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as needed for revisions or clarifications. This Committee also reviews proposed operating policies developed by affiliate Sections.

  • Nutrition Services Section Representative (State Nutrition Coordinator or designee)
  • At-Large (2)

Calendar Committee
The Calendar Committee develops the annual nutrition education calendar for purchase by the Association membership and others.

  • At-Large

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee participates in the development and implementation of regulatory and legislative policy as it affects the mission and goals of NWA and the WIC Program.

  • State Agency Section Representative (State Director or designee)

Vendor Business Practices Task Force
This task force develops Association policy and related position papers relevant to vendor relationships and implementation of vendor related policies affecting the WIC Program and WIC participants.

  • Local Agency Section Representative (Local agency Director or designee)
  • Nutrition Services Section Representative (State Nutrition Coordinator or designee)
  • Native American Representative

WHO Code Compliant Infant Formula Cost Containment
WHO Code Compliant Infant Formula Cost Containment will consider alternative strategies for meeting cost containment requirements under the Child Nutrition Act.

  • Chair
  • Native American Representative
  • At-Large (2)

Questions? Contact or 202-232-5492.