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In addition to our governing Board, NWA's work is informed by committees and task forces comprised of our members. Committees address broad policy issues to further the long-term mission of the Association at the direction of the Board. Task Forces are created to carry out the work of the Association at the direction of the Board to address specific short-term goals or initiatives.

You can also see our full committee and task force roster here.


Committee and Task Force FAQs:

  • Who can volunteer? Staff of state and local WIC agencies* who are current in their membership.
  • What is the time commitment for volunteering? Generally, NWA committees and task force volunteers meet for an hour on a monthly basis. Per NWA’s bylaws, term lengths are two years, with the option to renew for another consecutive two-year term. Some conference committees meet for a shorter period of time, so terms are shorter.
  • Are the meetings virtual or will I need to travel? Committees and task forces meet virtually. You are not required to travel as a member of a task force or committee.

*Exceptions are made in special circumstances.

Member Committee and Task Force Opportunities

Below is a list of all current openings on National WIC Association (NWA) committees and Task Forces. To express your interest in volunteering for one of these positions, please complete our online Committee and Task Force Application.

2022-2023 Annual Conference Planning Committee
The Annual Conference Planning Committee is charged with planning program content, organizing events, arranging speakers, and hosting the NWA Annual Education and Networking Conference

2022 Nutrition Education and Breastfeeding Promotion Conference Planning Committee
The Nutrition Education and Breastfeeding Promotion Conference Planning Committee is charged with planning program content, organizing events, arranging speakers, and hosting the NWA Nutrition Education and Breastfeeding Promotion Conference. 

Bylaws Committee (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
The Bylaws Committee periodically reviews the bylaws and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors as needed for revisions or clarifications. This Committee also reviews proposed operating policies developed by affiliate Sections.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
This committee serves as Health Equity Champions in the WIC community and develops recommendations and standards for the promotion of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the WIC Program; encourage NWA members to actively integrate an equity lens into WIC research, policy, and practice; to assume additional responsibilities relevant to racial equity in WIC as directed by the Board.

Evaluation Committee (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
The Evaluation Committee represents NWA's interests in research and evaluation of the WIC Program, especially those efforts of USDA/FNS and USDA/ERS.

Leadership Academy Development Advisory Committee (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
This committee is charged with providing guidance, feedback and recommendations to the NWA Leadership Academy Team (NWA staff and the Leadership Academy Academic Supervisor) on the direction, development, and growth of the NWA Leadership Academy.

Member Benefit Fund Committee (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
In accordance with the guidelines for the Member Benefit Fund established by the NWA Board of Directors, this committee recommends and coordinates the dissemination of funds from the NWA Member Benefit Fund to the NWA membership.

WIC Hub Committee (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
This committee has two primary functions: creating strategic plans for developing and improving the user experience of (the Hub), and reviewing content submitted to the Hub for publication.

Inclusion of Dads in WIC Task Force (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
This task force assists state and local WIC agencies in the inclusion of dads in WIC. The task force offers and showcases best practices and steps agencies can take to implement inclusion of dads and others e.g. caregivers, grandparents, partners, same-gender couples.

Maternal Mortality in WIC Task Force (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
This task force examines available research regarding WIC participation and maternal mortality to identify best practices for addressing the issue while analyzing methods to reduce the incidence of maternal mortality in WIC.

Joint Work Group with USDA/FNS

Risk Identification and Selection Collaborative (RISC) (DEADLINE January 31st, 2022)
RISC is a partnership between USDA/FNS and NWA to promote ongoing review and development of appropriate nutrition risk criteria for consistent application in the WIC program.

NWA Voting Representative

"I support and volunteer with NWA because it is a wonderful organization that continues to give and serve those in need. The wealth of resources NWA provides are amazing and the staff is the most professional knowledgeable TEAM I have ever seen." - Berry Kelly, NWA Board Chair-Emeritus

“Some of the reasons why I volunteer for NWA are: working with folks from across the country who love WIC as much as I do, helping out the organization that helps us to provide amazing services to our participants, and the great friends I’ve made while volunteering!” - Melinda Morris, Former NWA Board Treasurer

“I think it is so important to volunteer with organizations that represent you, so that your voice can be heard and that you are part of making an impact at a higher level. Through my volunteer experience with the National WIC Association, I’ve been able to work with WIC staff from across the nation, and it is so valuable to learn from them as well as for them to learn from me. Even though we all work for the same program, we come with different perspectives and experiences that when shared can help make a stronger association and program, ultimately impacting the families that we serve. Giving of your time is not always easy, but it is truly rewarding to know that you’re a part of something bigger than you that is working towards the overall goal of healthier mothers, children, and families.” - Kim Hinnenkamp, Former NWA Board Member

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer on a Committee or Task Force with NWA:

  1. Try something new
  2. Gain leadership experience
  3. Connect with your peers across the country
  4. Have an impact on a national level
  5. Influence NWA’s Priorities
  6. Get first-hand, early access to information
  7. Share your professional expertise
  8. Keep NWA informed of what’s going on in your agency
  9. Get the most out of your NWA membership
  10. Put new experience on your resume

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