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Jul 12, 2020 - March 21, 2020

2020 Leadership Academy - Cohort 13

Cohort 13 will begin July 12, 2020. If you need assistance registering or have questions, please contact Emily Gilcher at or 202-232-5492.

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June 23-25, 2020

2020 Virtual Annual Conference

The National WIC Association Annual Conference Goes Virtual

The role of technology in WIC has been a growing area of program focus for years. Innovations like smartphone apps, online educational and administrative platforms, and electronic benefits have enabled many WIC agencies to adapt to a quickly changing world. New technology can improve the WIC participant experience, increase program participation, and support more efficient program management. And it’s particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To facilitate the sharing of best practices, lessons learned, research, and new ideas, the National WIC Association is offering a virtual conference June 23-25, 2020, on Adapting to Change: Supporting the WIC Community.

This virtual conference will include pre-recorded and live presentations in the form of webinars. Attendees will be able to access various sessions, expand their professional skills, and increase their knowledgebase – all from the comfort of their own homes!

The Virtual Conference will be a great opportunity for the WIC community to acquire new skills and network with peers. Featured voices will include the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, WIC agencies from across the nation, WIC researchers, WIC community members, and other partners who have insights to share. Exhibitors will also discuss WIC-related products and services for participants.

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September 9 - September 11, 2020

2020 Nutrition Education & Breastfeeding Promotion Conference and Exhibits

Join us at the 2020 Nutrition Education & Breastfeeding Promotion Conference and Exhibits at the Hyatt Regency Orlando in Orlando, FL!




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